We have the capabilities and expertise to handle even the most hazardous chemical processes safely. Hazard evaluation and process design are core elements of our new product introduction (NPI) process.

Our development laboratories are equipped to handle potent products at 10 & 20L and our manufacturing facilities have high containment capabilities for changing and offloading potent APIs and challenging materials. We are also an upper tier COMAH site and have an on-site integrated waste treatment plant.

Our hazardous chemistry services are supported by a world-class hazard evaluation laboratory. By integrating process engineering and chemistry expertise, we are able to ensure the success of your project, while maintaining a safe plant and workforce.


We can safely and confidently handle a variety of hazardous chemical reactions and substances including:

  • Diazomethane chemistry
  • Reactions with hydroxylamine
  • Bulk bromine, chlorination and fluorination chemistry
  • Nitration chemistry
  • Carbon monoxide, ethylene oxide and propylene oxide handling and reactions

Hazard evaluation

With over 50 years of hazard evaluation experience our team combines proficient process engineering with in-depth knowledge to ensure efficient processes that are both safe and scalable. All stages of chemistry that are carried out at kilo lab scale and above are fully assessed by our hazard evaluation team before being introduced onto the plant.

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Key Benefits

Our hazardous chemistry knowledge and experience allows our customers to benefit from:

  • Cleaner chemistry with fewer or no side reactions
  • Fewer processing stages
  • Reduced cost through consuming less material and minimising waste
  • Simpler purification and reduced processing time
  • Reduced need for capital equipment