Early Career Paths at Sterling

Together, we have a bright future ahead

We actively support early careers in a variety of ways, whether its offering employees’ children and local school pupils the opportunity to gain work experience at one of our four global facilities or providing lifelong learning opportunities to develop those who choose to begin their career at Sterling as a graduate. Together, we have a bright future ahead.

Sterling’s Graduate Programme is offered at our site in Cork, Ireland. It is a 23-month programme designed to develop, mentor and provide practical hands-on experience to graduates.

We offer a fantastic opportunity to those who are studying business, science, manufacturing and engineering disciplines.

What to expect from Sterling’s graduate programme?

During the programme, those who are successful will receive comprehensive onboarding, training, development, and mentoring. Sterling provides its graduates with the opportunities needed at the beginning of their career, including the practical experience required to develop skills and the support needed to grow into a confident professional. Our lifelong learning opportunities offer the potential to progress into new roles and take on more responsibility.

If you are a graduate with the passion to develop your career and join the pharmaceutical industry, applications for our graduate roles in Ireland typically open in October to start the following September. Click to explore our vacancies.

Sterling’s Summer Intern Programme is a paid 13-week programme which takes place across our US-based sites.

During the internship, interns are provided hands-on work experience which builds upon the knowledge and skills they have gained in the classroom. Interns work alongside Sterling’s industry leaders in a dynamic, fast-paced environment, learning from our employees who are passionate about being involved in developing life-saving drugs for patients around the world.

Throughout our 13-week programme, interns will work on defined individual projects to learn about good manufacturing practices (GMP) from Sterling professionals. The programme concludes with individual presentations to Sterling leaders.


Why explore an internship with Sterling?

  • Explore career interests and gain valuable insights and experience
  • Apply knowledge learnt at university to a work setting
  • Meet experts within the field you are interested in and network with new people
  • Gain hands on experience within your chosen career before graduating


Visit our vacancies page between December and March to view US-based internship opportunities, or click to hear what our past interns say about Sterling’s internship programme.

Sterling is a proud employer of apprentices, as they help bring new ideas and fresh perspectives to our business. Sterling’s apprenticeships are a great alternative to traditional college and university courses, and provide an opportunity to earn while working towards a nationally recognised qualification, as well as having access to a range of on and off the job training from day one.

All tuition fees are paid by Sterling, which means apprentices will complete their studies without any student debt. Our apprentices work with a mentor, who will help provide training in a selected specialism, and gain access to industry-leading equipment, processes and technologies.

Offered at our UK and Ireland facilities, our apprenticeship programme is a vital talent pipeline. We offer apprenticeships across a range of disciplines, from engineering to HR, at a variety of different levels.

Want to learn more about where your apprenticeship might take you? Click to hear Jack’s story.

Find out more about our apprentice career pathways.

We are committed to supporting young people into STEM careers that they will love and understand the importance that opportunities such as industry work experience, play in allowing you to investigate what a future in STEM could look like. That’s why we welcome school students onsite to shadow our experts and explore the roles available at Sterling.

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