ADC Development

More than 30 years' experience in ADC Development and specialist bioconjugation services

Overcoming challenges in ADC discovery and development

Supported by a strong analytical foundation, our team delivers the expertise, equipment, and capabilities you need to successfully carry your ADC candidate from early discovery through development and beyond.

Proof of Concept

We offer a customised service for your early stage ADC Development. During initial proof of concept (PoC), we can help you assess different payload, linker, and conjugation strategies to develop an ADC tailored to your needs. Whether you have a proprietary antibody/target or payload we can design an ADC that is right for you. We have worked with various targeting molecules, linkers, and toxins to overcome challenges and deliver superior solutions to our customers.

Our Proof of Concept services include:

  • Various conjugation approaches, including cysteine, lysine, and enzymatic
  • Generation of different DAR conjugates
  • Availability of multiple toxin classes
  • Cleavable and non-cleavable linkers
  • Platform or customised analytics and certification
  • Availability of model antibodies
  • Linker design for novel payloads
  • Milligram to hundreds of milligrams scale
  • Membrane and chromatographic purification as required
  • Certified ADCs: minimally DAR, monomer, concentration, and residual toxin
  • Additional analysis, including mass spectrometry, iEF, CE-SDS endotoxin, bioburden

Process development and scale up

We have a proven track record in developing GMP-ready processes for our customers’ ADC programmes and draw upon our experience in process and analytical development to design an approach that simultaneously maximises quality, efficiency, and output.  We support large-scale tox batch preparation and certification for preclinical animal studies, bringing your ADC from the milligram to multi-gram scale. ... Read more

Our ‘right-first-time’ approach to process development includes:

  • QbD approach exploiting experience, DOE, and OFAT methods
  • Optimisation of reactive stages, including chemical and enzymatic
  • Development of supporting purification methods
  • Phase-appropriate robustness studies
  • Process characterisation Read less

In recent years, ADCs have generated a lot of conversation in the oncology space as a promising alternative to other therapies. Our vast experience working with different antibodies, linkers, and toxins enables us to advise our customers in choosing a successful combination that will meet their objectives. Our goal is to empower our customers to streamline their products’ path to market in order to help ADCs reach more widespread availability and use.

Colin McKee | Head of Technical Services

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