Mass Spectrometry

High resolution mass spectrometry to complement ADC, biopharmaceutical and API discovery and development

Our team of specialists utilise mass spectrometry to assist in the discovery and development of ADCs for in-process, release and stability purposes.

What is mass spectrometry?

Mass spectrometry is an analytical technique used to determine the molecular weight of charged ions. Often combined with liquid chromatography, it provides orthogonal separation to identify, characterise and quantify a wide selection of potential molecules.

Sterling's mass spectrometry offering

We provide the data which empowers our customers to develop cutting edge APIs and biotherapeutics. Liquid chromatography/mass spectrometry analysis is available as a stand-alone service or as part of bioconjugation or API projects.

Our Deeside, Wales facility is specially designed to handle highly cytotoxic materials, this combined with our extensive background in protein conjugate development provides us with the capacity and capability required for even the most complex  analytical requirements.

  • Intact characterisation on proteins and protein drug conjugates
  • Intact characterisation and drug-antibody ratio (DAR) of lysine linked ADCs
  • Intact characterisation and DAR of cysteine linked ADCs
  • Subunit characterisation of proteins and ADCs
  • Characterisation of next-generation biologics (nanobodies, bispecific, fusion proteins etc)
  • Peptide mapping via enzymatic digestion of ADCs and proteins
  • Disulfide bond confirmation
  • Plasma stability of ADCs
  • Accurate mass confirmation
  • Structural characterisation via fragmentation
  • Impurity profiling with liquid chromatography/ultra-violet/mass spectrometry

We work closely in partnership with our clients to meet technical requirements and ensure rapid project delivery to support the fast-paced growth within the biologics sector.

Our manufacturing services are also complemented by our expertise in ADC process development and optimisation, as well as analytical method development and characterisation.

You can explore more about our antibody drug conjugation services offering here or contact us today.

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