Small Molecule Development & Manufacturing

Small molecule development, scale up and manufacturing delivered by a true scientific partner

Small molecule services at Sterling

Through a robust small molecule service offering, we support your molecule throughout its entire journey to market, from grams to tonnes. For more than 50 years, we have delivered comprehensive small molecule API development and manufacturing solutions to leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology organisations, empowering our customers to overcome their most complex scientific challenges and maximise value. ... Read more

In addition to offering the comprehensive services you need to bring your molecule to market, we offer unparalleled support and a highly differentiated customer experience to make your life easier along the way. Our unwavering commitment to providing our customers a simple and collaborative way of working is core to all of our services at Sterling. We always put your product first, and we prioritise efficiency, quality, cost-effectiveness, and full transparency.Read less

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Small molecule technologies at Sterling

Small molecule candidates in the pipeline today are more complex than ever before, leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology organisations to increasingly explore and embrace emerging technologies in their API development and manufacturing programmes. At Sterling, we empower our customers to remain at the forefront of pharmaceutical technology through our specialised expertise, culture of innovation, and industry-leading partnerships. We harness technologies that complement our existing capabilities while maximising value for our customers and the industry as a whole. ... Read more

As new technologies continue to emerge, we are continuously exploring and evaluating them for customer utility and value. Working in collaboration with our university and industry partners, we provide our customers direct access to specialised expertise as they embrace key technological breakthroughs, coupled with the state-of-the-art facilities and equipment needed to apply innovative technologies as part of a larger programme. Click to learn more about out Technology and Innovation Programme. Read less

Explore our full suite of small molecule services below.