Our small molecule custom API manufacturing services complete our full-service offering, meaning we have the flexibility to support your entire API project from development through to manufacture.

First class capabilities, facilities and people provide contract API manufacturing at every scale across the whole drug development lifecycle – from grams to tonnes and from pre-clinical to commercial supply.

Our modern and agile API manufacturing facilities include:

  • Broad range of intermediate and API trains
  • 300 – 3000 gallon scale
  • Range of pressure filters, centrifuges and blender driers
  • USP purified water system
  • Cryogenic capability (-90°C)
  • High temperature capability (+260°C)
  • High vacuum WFE/SPE unit; fractionating unit – 30 theoretical plates
  • Range of milling facilities in cleanroom environment
  • Extensive range of capabilities including fluorination, hydroxylamine, organometalic, Friedel Craft and carbonylation
  • Bulk Br2, Cl2, H2, ethylene oxide, propylene oxide

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