Delivering safe and cost-effective fluorination

With years of experience handling hazardous chemistry, we enable our customers to realise the compelling benefits of fluorination while maintaining the highest safety standards and containing costs.

Fluorination at Sterling

Fluorinated APIs have compelling benefits for patients, as they aid in improving therapeutic efficacy. The extremely hazardous nature of many fluorinating agents, however, makes them challenging to apply in small molecule manufacturing programmes. At Sterling, we safely handle hazardous, fluorination reagents in our customers’ projects while ensuring close collaboration and cost-effectiveness. We have the specialised equipment and expertise to enable our customers to realise the benefits of fluorination while offering cGMP manufacturing and adhering to high safety standards. ... Read more

Following are some of the things that contribute to our strength in fluorination:

  • Specialty in hazardous chemistry: With more than 50 years’ expertise in hazardous chemistry and working with HPAPIs, we can safely handle fluorinated compounds.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Our ability to work with some of the most hazardous fluorinating agents enables our customers to realise cost savings in fluorination.
  • Expert partners: We partner with leading academic institutions like Durham University to support our work in fluorination and maximise value for our customers.Read less

Key Benefits

When safely handled, fluorination offers several compelling advantages in API development and manufacturing. These include:


A range of different fluorinated reagents can be utilised to meet specialised project requirements.


When pharmaceuticals use fluorinated compounds, then tend to last longer in the body, requiring lower doses.


Our dedicated team is currently exploring ways to harness flow chemistry in order to better handle hazardous, cost-effective reagents while maximising safety.

Dedicated partnerships for continued fluorination success

We augment our capabilities in fluorination through our Technology and Innovation Programme, where we partner with leading academic institutions to apply emerging technologies in API development and manufacturing. In fluorination, we partner with Durham University to offer our customers access to world-class expertise and equipment. Through this partnership, we are actively working to expand our capabilities in order to handle fluorinated reagents in flow at the kilogram scale.

A robust approach to hazard evaluation

Our work in fluorination is supported by our impressive track record of handling the most complex and hazardous chemistries, as well as our proven hazard evaluation approach. We harness over 50 years of expertise in hazardous chemistry to ensure that the proper controls are in place for every project, prioritising safety while maximising efficiency and scalability.

Pharmaceutical organisations face significant challenges when seeking to utilise fluorination, as fluorination reagents are extremely hazardous, exceedingly expensive, or both. We adhere to stringent safety standards when handling hazardous fluorination compounds, enabling our customers to reap the benefits of fluorination while ensuring safety and minimising costs. Mark Muldowney | Head of Technology and Innovation

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