We are always looking for new opportunities to expand our capabilities and continuous processing is one area that offers significant potential for our customers. For several years, we have been exploring the application of continuous processing, specifically flow chemistry, for manufacturing APIs.

Continuous processing can reduce process time while maintaining output levels as well as increase the safety of some hazardous processes which involve high pressures, concentrations and temperatures.

Hazardous or unstable intermediates are also easier to handle in flow as there is less exposure to extreme conditions, which can effect quality and safety.

We are currently running a number of lab-scale continuous processing projects and are investigating its potential adoption across new lab and commercial-scale products.

Key benefits for customers

  • Continuous processing can deliver shorter routes to desired molecules as potentially hazardous chemistry can be accessed
  • There is no need to clean down between batches, creating the potential for continuous supply of APIs with 24/7 operations
  • A reduction in processing time and more efficient use of resources makes flow chemistry a potential cost-saving investment
  • Robust processes can increase safety and make it easier to handle hazardous or unstable intermediates