The Deeside facility is fully equipped to support antibody drug conjugate (ADC) research and development, including the specific containment requirements for handling potent cytotoxins.

Antibody Drug Conjugate (ADC) facility in Deeside, Wales, UK


Our development laboratories are housed within our 6,500m2 Deeside facility which can support a range of ADC services, from discovery to development:

Design: Protection for people and environment

  • Pressure cascade containment
  • 100% HEPA filtered exhausted air
  • Vented cabinets
  • Independently qualified glove box isolators, <2ng/m3

Fully integrated: Process and analytics


  • AKTA chromatography systems
  • Multiple vendor TFF systems with data logging
  • Scalable reaction systems
  • Temperature controlled


  • Agilent HPLCs with DAD and chilled autosamplers
  • Sciex X500B QTOF mass spectrometer
  • ProteinSimple Maurice for cIEF and CE-SDS
  • UV/ Vis spectrophotometry
  • Multimodal plate readers for colorimetric and fluorescence assays
  • pH, osmolality, conductivity, density, turbidity
  • FT-IR
  • endotoxin, bioburden
  • Cell based bioassays


Look out for GMP quality control and manufacturing facilities coming soon. Click here to speak to an expert.