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Introducing: The Sterling Hub

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By Sterling Pharma Solutions

Here at Sterling we’re working on something new and will be launching next month. Packed with content from Sterling Pharma Solutions’ thought leaders, our hub is a knowledge-sharing resource helping the pharma industry understand and engage with the latest news and trends affecting every part of the drug development and commercial lifecycle.

The hub features everything from articles and interviews with our scientists to virtual tours of the Sterling facilities.

With compelling insights from an exceptionally talented team offering unrivalled knowledge, our hub gives you unique access to the contract development and manufacturing space.

Covering advancements in API developing and manufacturing, hazardous chemistry and emerging technologies, as well as offering guidance on topics like improving laboratory efficiencies, mitigating downstream risk and the regulatory landscape.

We deliver value to our customers every day based on over 50 years’ experience, we share that experience in our content hub with informative, insightful resources, delivered by Sterling’s experts, that explore the trends and topics that are shaping our sector

Visit the Sterling Knowledge Hub, sign up for insights into the latest pharma industry and CDMO trends and stay tuned for more information about our regular live webinars.