Technology and Innovation Programme

Championing customer success through continual scientific innovation

Through our Technology and Innovation Programme, we provide our customers with access to specialised expertise in the technologies that hold the greatest potential for their projects. Working together with our academic and industry partners, we continually investigate and embrace new technologies to enhance customer value.

The Sterling Technology and Innovation Programme

As small molecule complexity continues to rise, pharmaceutical and biotechnology organisations continue to seek innovative solutions to complex chemistry challenges. At Sterling, we know that innovation is a critical success factor in today’s pharmaceutical market. To assist us in vetting the commercial viability and practical application of emerging technologies, we developed our Technology and Innovation Programme, which has been instrumental in supporting our work in biocatalysis, chiral chemistry, hazardous chemistry, continuous processing, and more.

We hand-select technologies that complement our existing capabilities, while also maximising value for our customers and the industry at large. Working collaboratively with leading academic institutions and industry partners, we continue to expand our offerings in our existing technological areas while also exploring the viability of new technologies that support our mission to enhance our customers’ success.

The power of partnership

Our commitment to partnership is not limited to our work with our customers. As a natural extension of our belief that collaboration and partnership are integral to scientific innovation, we partner with world-class academic and technological institutions to expand our in-house knowledge and services, as well as to offer our customers direct access to some of the world’s leading experts in technologies like biocatalysis, fluorination, flow chemistry, and more. Supported by our partners’ specialised expertise, state-of-the-art equipment, and purpose-built facilities, we enable our customers to tap into an expansive range of innovative capabilities and solutions.

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