At Sterling, we are committed to providing an extensive range of first class fluorination services.

Whether your project involves grams to hundreds of kilos of product, or highly hazardous fluorination agents, we can meet your requirements due to our breadth of scale capabilities and hazard evaluation expertise.

Key chemistries forming part of our fluorination services include:

  • Radical trifluoromethylation
  • Electrophilic and nucleophilic fluorination
  • Balz-Schiemann, HF and HALEX technologies
  • Fluoroalkoxylation
  • Fluorocarbene

Among the most distinctive technologies at Sterling are radical and carbene-based fluorine chemistry, with a particular focus on trifluoromethylation techniques. Over the years, we have developed radical trifluoromethylation technology and can control this hazardous chemistry to offer a range of trifluoromethyl alkyl derivatives at metric tonne scale.

We can process the fluorinated aliphatic compounds onwards to a range of functionalised chiral and non-chiral derivatives, tapping into proprietary kinetic resolution technology to generate trifluoromethyl epoxide and alcohol derivatives.
This technology complements our existing chiral chemistry expertise, enabling us to offer our customers both new chiral and fluorinated building blocks on a competitive basis.

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