Whatever your chiral compound manufacturing challenge, we have the technology and experience to deliver your project.

We have established expertise in the development and scale-up of chiral syntheses. From industrialisation of classical chiral syntheses on behalf of our customers, to novel applications of kinetic resolution technology, our people provide both technical expertise and process understanding.

What does this mean for our customers? You can count on us to generate complex, high purity chiral molecules and help you achieve the quality and cost efficient path you need for your drug substance.

At Sterling, we believe our technologies set us apart, including:

  • Hydrolytic, phenolic and amino kinetic resolution
  • Asymmetric reduction (hydrogenation and catalytic borane mediated reduction)
  • Enzymatic keto reductases
  • Chiral epoxidation
  • Asymmetric Diels Alder capabilities
  • Chiral cyclopropanation

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