We provide powerful tools for chiral epoxidation to support your project needs.

By scaling up the Jacobsen Manganese Salen epoxidation technology, we can provide high chiral purity epoxides on a metric tonne scale. This means we can support our customers from development to commercial supply of these versatile intermediates.

A vast array of cyclic and terminal alkenes (e.g. indenes, eneynes and chromenes) have been converted into chiral epoxides with excellent enantiomeric purity and yields using manganese salen catalysis and low cost oxidants such as sodium hypochlorite.

This tool has been enhanced through ongoing optimisation of the manufacturing process conditions.

Our team also has expertise in the downstream functionalisation of the chiral epoxides to generate a range of pharmaceutical and speciality chemicals with high chiral purity.

Core capabilities:

  • Jacobsen’s epoxidation at > 1500L scale
  • A broad range of alkenes including cyclopentene, indene and acyclic enyne substrates, which have been subject to chiral epoxidation on a pilot scale

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