By Sterling Pharma Solutions

Researchers at Newcastle University and Sterling Pharma Solutions are collaborating on projects having found a cost-effective, green solution to enhancing the University’s research resources.

As a leading provider of small molecule API development and manufacturing services to the global pharmaceutical industry, Sterling Pharma Solutions has recently seen large-scale investment in its on-site analytical facilities.

This prompted Sterling Pharma Solutions’ expert analysts Gavin Nixon and Richard Bates to contact Dr Mike Probert of Newcastle University to see if the University could use the instrumentation Sterling no longer needed.

One of the instruments includes a PANalytical X’pert Pro Diffractometer. It analyses crystalline powder samples to determine composition, structure and purity and will benefit solid-state analysis at the University.

Working with Maggie White, who runs the University’s existing powder X-ray diffraction (PXRD), the instrument was re-located from Sterling’s facility in Cramlington and is now housed in the Bedson Building on the University campus.

The result is a joint venture between the two research laboratories of Probert and White which spans Engineering and Chemistry.

The instrument is now fully installed, operational and open to researchers across Natural and Environmental Sciences and Engineering.

The upcycling of equipment highlights Sterling Pharma Solutions’ and Newcastle University’s dedication to greener, cost-effective research.

Sterling look forward to a prospering relationship over the coming years with Newcastle University.