At Sterling we have the experience and capabilities to handle the most hazardous chemical processes safely.

While hazardous chemistry is often essential to access particular functionality within a molecule, it can also be used to realise benefits such as:

  • Cleaner chemistry with fewer or no side reactions
  • A more direct route with fewer processing stages
  • Reduced cost through consuming less material and minimising waste
  • Simpler purification and reduced processing time
  • Reduced need for capital equipment

Our hazardous chemistry services are supported by a world class hazard evaluation laboratory. By integrating process engineering and chemistry expertise, we are able to ensure the success of your project, while maintaining a safe plant and workforce.

We have two full time hazard evaluation experts who both have over 25 years’ industry experience in this field.  All stages of chemistry that are carried out at kilo lab scale and above are fully assessed by our hazard evaluation team before being introduced onto the plant.

This enables us to safely and confidently handle a variety of hazardous chemical reactions and substances including:

  • Reactions with hydroxylamine
  • Diazomethane chemistry
  • Bulk bromine, chlorination and fluorination chemistry
  • Nitration chemistry
  • Carbon monoxide, ethylene oxide and propylene oxide handling and reactions