Hazardous Chemistry Whitepaper: Safely Using Hazardous Chemistry
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Whitepaper: safety and control when using hazardous chemistry…

Sam Brogan PhD, Lab Project Manager, R&D

June, 02, 2020

… putting effective hazard evaluation and process design into practice.

The increasing complexity of new chemical entities (NCEs) entering the drug pipeline has fuelled demand for hazardous chemistry techniques which can provide quicker and more efficient routes to a molecule. Used to form the basis of synthetic manufacturing processes and access certain functionality within a molecule, these chemistries are helping active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) developers and manufacturers to gain a competitive edge, where they can safely and efficiently carry out these chemistries at commercial scale.

Ensuring product quality and protecting employee health and safety, while minimising the potential environmental impact of hazardous chemistry, requires careful consideration, assessment and planning. By implementing a robust approach to hazard evaluation and process design, manufacturers can ensure the safety and control of their hazardous chemistries and ultimately the success of their development programmes.

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