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Showcase: our new Material Sciences Centre

Steve Adams, Project Engineer, Sterling Pharma Solutions

June, 03, 2020

Following a £6million investment in 2017 our team has been working on the build of a new facility at our UK site to strengthen our milling and solid form capabilities. The new facility will meet growing demand for particle size reduction technology for pharmaceutical powders, as well as strengthening Sterling’s laboratory offering to support milling, formulation and main site production activities.

Four new milling areas will house a range of new technologies, including mechanical milling, spiral jet milling and small lab scale trial mills. Supporting the CDMO’s expertise in hazardous chemistry, the facility will also provide containment to handle OEB 4 materials and offer ISO 8 cleanroom environments.

In addition, the investment will include a new GMP laboratory for small-scale production, a wet chemistry laboratory and a solid form and formulation laboratory for the analysis of products produced both on and off-site.

In this video Steve Adams, Project Engineer at Sterling Pharma Solutions gives our audience a sneak peek into our new Material Sciences Centre and talks about the impact it will have on our service offering moving forward.

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