We can utilise the following particle size reduction (milling/micronisation) equipment to achieve a target particle size distribution:

  • Frewitt FreDrive 6; three heads (Hammer/Knife, Sieve, Conical Mill) with a cooling jacket around the Hammer/Knife head for heat sensitive products. Lab installed in Isolators to offer containment for handling hazardous materials.
  • Frewitt FreDrive 3; two heads (Hammer/Knife, Sieve, Conical Mill)
  • Frewitt FreDrive Lab; Milling development. Two heads (Hammer/Knife, Sieve) and Pin milling available
  • Sturtevent 1” Microniser; small scale production

All equipment is housed in ISO Class 8 (FED STD 209E Equivalent Class 100,00) suites within controlled areas to allow for controlled substance manufacture.