Germantown, Wisconsin, US

World-class facilities that can support your product from grams to tons

Our Wisconsin facility provides full API development and manufacturing services to its customers working through all phases of the molecule lifecycle; providing capacity to support customers through to commercial manufacture.

With specialist high potency capability, as well as being fully certified for controlled substance handling, the team at our Germantown facility can provide a wide range of solutions.

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Sterling's Germantown Facility

Founded in 1999

220 employees

210,000 sq/ft

70+ molecules

Approved for schedule 1 to 5 controlled substances

Our team of more than 27 skilled scientists provide comprehensive capabilities including:

  • Knowledge in synthetic route scouting
  • Expertise in technology transfer, process development and industrialisation
  • Solid State Chemistry team to support solid form development
  • Full range of supporting analytical services including LCMS, XRPD, ICPMS and NMR
  • Validation support services (DoE, QbD)
  • Process hazard evaluation services
  • Controlled substance process and analytical development

Kilo labs, Pilot plant and HPAPI:

  • Controlled substance manufacturing
  • Kilo Lab Suites:
    • 3 x Isolated Suites
    • Up to 50L Portable Reactors
    • Buchi Rotavapor
  • Pilot plant:
    • Multiple trains from 150 – 1500 L vessel scales
    • Cryogenic Vessel – 250 L vessel
    • Hydrogenation Vessels – 15-350 L vessels
    • Separation Equipment – 2 x 600 mm Vertical Basket Centrifuges
    • A range of isolation equipment including filters and dryers
  • HPAPI:
    • up to 10kg batch size
    • Glass/Hastelloy fully functional reactors up to 100L (low minimum agitation design)
    • Additional small-scale equipment available
    • Cryogenic capabilities
    • Heated and cold filtration / isolation
    • Fully contained drying and packaging
    • Hydrogenation to ~90psi

Large scale:

  • Broad range of API and intermediate vessel streams:
    • 1500 – 7500 L
  • Cryogenic Suite:
    • 1500 – 3500 L
  • Hydrogenation Suite:
    • 1500 – 3500 L
  • Separation Equipment:
    • 2 x 800 mm Krauss-Maffei Horizontal Peeler Centrifuges
    • Multi-sized Portable Nutsche Filters (SS)
  • Drying Equipment:
    • Cone dryer
    • Tray drying
  • Solvent Tank Farm

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