HSE at Sterling

We believe that safe operations are fundamental to running a good business. Our business is built upon a culture of care and compliance, so we work hard to ensure everything we do is in keeping with good HSE standards and practices.

We have invested heavily in our industry leading hazard evaluation facilities and our skilled team at Dudley to develop a safe operating zone.

This not only supports our ZeroHarm ambition, but allows our customers to trust us to manufacture their products safely, safeguard the environment in which we operate and protect their reputations.

Every chemical step introduced into our manufacturing process is fully understood and designed with inherent safety in mind. Each step undergoes health and safety, process safety and environmental risk assessments to protect our staff, our customers and our local community.

Care Forms

A cornerstone for improving safety is our CARE system. Consider All Risky Events means that if our people see something and think “that’s not right”, they raise the CARE form to fix the issue.

Bright Ideas

Throughout the year all our employees are encouraged to think about ways to further improve site HSE through our Bright Ideas scheme. If employees can identify areas and come up with better ways of operating, they are rewarded for their transparency and diligence.


As part of our commitment to the environment and to generate efficient processes for our customers, we have an award-winning on-site biological treatment plant which is integrated with our manufacturing facilities.

This provides a seamless system for the safe, continuous treatment of process waste waters. We also offer this as a separate commercial service to industry.

We are also currently exploring the viability of an anaerobic wastewater treatment plant to improve the sustainability of our treatment operations and produce energy from waste.


UK, Dudley

• Upper tier site within the Control of Major Accident Hazard (COMAH) regulations

• Regulated by the joint competent authority of the UK’s Health and Safety Executive and Environment Agency

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US, Cary

• Laboratory regulated under US Occupational Safety and Health Administration and Environmental Protection Agency

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