Our brand values

Our brand values were created to guide our behaviour as well as represent the business as a whole. They were created as a set of guiding principles that inform every action and decision and that every person in the business, no matter their role, should live by.

That’s the Sterling way.

Be transparent

Is being honest and open about issues. Not sweeping things under the carpet. Having difficult discussions and making tough decisions for the good of your colleagues, the company and the client.

It’s about building trust between teams and customers for the greater good.

Be willing

Is being able to give your all to your colleagues, the company and the client. To see the job through. Being prepared to identify challenges, share what you know and say when you don’t know. Eager to develop your own skills and being proactive in passing it on to the wider team. We don’t stand still, we strive to continuously improve.

It’s to go the extra mile. And then some.

Be reliable

Is doing what you say you’re going to do for your colleagues, the company and the client. Understanding your role in the bigger picture and being diligent in the delivery of everything you do. It’s doing the right thing when no one is looking.

It’s about keeping our promises. Because you care.

Be caring

Is about putting care and attention into everything you do. Genuinely caring about your colleagues, clients and community and having a positive and enthusiastic approach to everything you do. We are so much more than a corporate CDMO.

We pride ourselves on being easy and enjoyable to work with.