What to expect from an apprenticeship training provider

11th Feb 2022

In celebration of National Apprenticeship Week 2022, we spoke to TDR Training to find out more about what apprentices can expect from an outsourced training provider, how the work they do benefits our apprentices.

How do you support Sterling’s apprentices and its apprenticeship scheme?

TDR Training works hard to support Sterling’s apprentices throughout their apprenticeship. We work with managers, mentors and apprentices to ensure that they are well supported. We develop bespoke training and development plans for each Sterling apprentice. Our programmes provide learners with the support they need to achieve.

TDR Training is here to encourage young people to take an interest in how things work. We help them develop an enthusiasm for a lifelong career, and provide encouragement, support and guidance to help them achieve their full potential.

What can apprentices expect when studying with TDR Training?

Sterling’s apprentices can expect to be on a training programme for between 24 and 48 months, depending on the Apprenticeship Standard. We train apprentices in practical skills within our dedicated training centre. We also help to expand the learner’s knowledge by teaching them the theory they need to know in order to gain a recognised qualification.

We support Sterling by helping them develop apprentices, through providing advice, guidance and support. TDR support apprentices throughout their apprenticeship journey, right up until their end point assessment, with the support of our dedicated Apprenticeship Coordinators.

How can an apprenticeship, and the support from TDR, help Sterling’s apprentices to succeed?

Apprenticeships provide early experience working within industry whilst being mentored by skilled professionals and having the opportunity to study and gain recognised qualifications, which sets apprentices up for the rest of their careers. Not only do apprentices gain practical and theoretical knowledge, they develop life skills like problem-solving and team building, which means they develop personally not just professionally.  

How does working with training providers benefit organisations like Sterling?

We work with Sterling to understand the needs of their business. We then work in collaboration with the organisation to design and develop a tailor-made apprenticeship solution for the organisation. We take into account the individual’s needs, by assessing the candidate’s prior knowledge. We then tailor the programme around them. By providing a bespoke solution, we can give apprentices the best opportunity to succeed, as well as support Sterling to meet its own business objectives.

And finally, what is your advice to parents, carers and teachers to support those looking at an apprenticeship with Sterling?

We would advise those supporting someone who is interested in an apprenticeship with Sterling to look at information on the company’s website as well as the training providers’ and government websites. Here you will be able to look into what they offer and whether this will suit the needs of the young person. We also advise going to career fairs/school career fairs to speak, one-on-one with training providers. This will provide an opportunity to find out more information and ask any questions you may have. Social media channels are also a good way to see what a training provider has going on currently.


Applications for Sterling’s 2022 intake of apprentices are due to open in Spring 2022. Please follow us on social media to stay up to date with the latest apprenticeship news.

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