Sterling partners with Newcastle University to offer PhD project

Sterling partners with Newcastle University to offer PhD project

26th Feb 2020

We’re proud to be working in partnership with Newcastle University, and its School of Engineering, to provide a PhD CASE studentship from September 2020. Throughout the four-year studentship, the candidate will be involved in a project which will examine the use of innovative 3D-printed reactors for the rapid scale-up of pharmaceutical production, specifically the production of pharmaceutical intermediates.

The use of 3D printing across the pharmaceutical industry could have considerable benefits, including:

  • Enable greener processing – making the production of entities more efficient
  • More economic process development – rapid, efficient process screening for laboratory scale
  • Smaller process – reduce the degree of scale-up required, reducing time to production
  • Improved safety – improved control, reduced scale and reduced solvent inventory

Despite this, 3D printing has not yet been fully explored by the industry. Newcastle University’s Process Intensification Group (PIG) has worked to develop various new process techniques such as new reactors, separators and fluidised beds which will allow companies to make dramatic reductions in the size of unit operations within the chemical plants , as well as reduce capital costs. 3D printing has played a major part in this exploratory work.

The CASE studentship with Sterling Pharma Solutions aims to explore the potential real-world application of some of these technologies.

For more information about the studentship please visit:

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