Passion: What makes a PDMO®?

09th Mar 2021

Our passion makes us a partnership development and manufacturing organisation (PDMO®)

The decision to partner with an organisation for outsourced pharmaceutical development and manufacturing requires more than just technical capabilities. It requires a partner who is committed to doing the right thing.

At Sterling, we believe success requires a partner that goes beyond satisfying the line items in a contract. That’s why our entire team is passionate about advancing your product, developing our capabilities, and raising the standard for care, quality, and compliance.

Did you know?

73% of sponsors evaluate their outsourced partner on willingness to go above and beyond the project requirements.

What does Passion mean to Sterling?

Putting your molecule first

At Sterling, we are committed to putting our customers’ products first. We recognise that being a service provider is our most important role. We immerse ourselves in your project, treat your molecule as our own, and deliver tailored solutions to support your journey from discovery to commercialisation.

Continual learning for ongoing progress

Because we are passionate about what we do, we are also eager to continuously learn and innovate. That’s why we developed our Technology and Innovation Programme. Through this programme, we partner with leading academic and technological institutions in order to explore, develop, and apply emerging technologies like chiral chemistry, flow chemistry, biocatalysis, and more.

Care, quality, and compliance

Our passion for protecting our people and planet is reflected in our commitment to health, safety and the environment (HSE).It is evident in our exceptional track record with regulatory bodies like the MHRA, PDMA, FDA, COMAH, and EcoVadis, as well as a variety of internal programmes that are designed to maintain the highest standards of safety and sustainability.

We actively serve and engage our community through our award winning apprenticeship programme and fundraising initiatives for local charities.

Committed to living the principles of our brand, each and every member of our team serves as an active brand ambassador in their day-to-day interactions.

This initiative encourages employees to think of ways to improve not only HSE, but our overall company culture, with rewards for transparency and diligence.

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