An overview of Sterling Pharma Solutions

28th Jan 2021

You have a promising project in the pipeline, but working towards commercialisation will require complex and hazardous chemistry. You don’t have the capacity to support the product’s lifecycle internally, but it can be challenging to find a partner that cares about your project as much as you do. That’s where Sterling comes in.

At Sterling we deliver an exceptional experience to our customers, one that has scientific partnership at its core. In fact, our commitment to scientific partnership runs so deep that we call ourselves a PDMO, or partnership development and manufacturing organisation.

In our global facilities, you’ll find some of the industry’s richest expertise in complex and hazardous chemistry, technical capabilities that keep you ahead of the innovation curve, and the capacity to support your small molecule needs from discovery to full commercial manufacture, as well as robust bioconjugation solutions for antibody drug conjugates. We handle every project with outstanding quality, safety and sustainability, from grams to tons. In addition we support a broad range of chemistries and project requirements, from analytical chemistry to biocatalysis, solid-state services, high potency APIs and much more.

But you’ll find more than the expertise and capabilities you need. You’ll find the level of service and partnership you desire. A colleague with whom you can collaborate, who will have honest conversations early, remain transparent and deadline driven even when hurdles arise. Someone who is easy to work with and will treat your project as their own.

For 50 years, we’ve been serving the world’s most innovative biotechs and largest pharmaceutical companies, as they change the world through groundbreaking pharmaceuticals.

In addition to caring about your project, we care about our people and our planet. Our team is committed to upholding a culture of transparency, willingness, reliability and care, and we are always looking for new ways to uphold compliance and enhance sustainability.

We pride ourselves on being easy to do business with because while molecules continue to get more complex, your scientific partnership should remain simple.

Sterling. True scientific partnership.

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