High Potency APIs are on the rise

08th Jan 2021

High potency APIs (HPAPIs) are on the rise; driven in part, by an increase in complex therapeutics and growing sophistication in toxicological assessments. In fact, a greater percentage of new drug candidates are classed as highly potent than ever before.

But with these highly potent candidates comes the need for specialised facilities, equipment, processes, and personnel. Adding these capabilities internally is expensive, time consuming, and risky. But choosing the right outsourced partner can be a challenge.

At Sterling, we provide the expertise, proven methodology, and flexibility needed to safely handle your highly potent molecules from development through full commercialisation. With multiple levels of containment, our world-class facilities were purpose-built to ensure the safety of high potency APIs, while providing full asset flexibility to handle solids, liquids, and process considerations such as cryogenics, hydrogenations and milling.

Each programme begins with a full toxicological evaluation, which is used to create a custom containment strategy that is scaled to your requirements. All of this is fully supported by our outstanding culture of compliance and our high potency team, which includes some of the industry’s finest experts in highly potent molecules.

High potency APIs are powerful, but capitalising on their full potential requires the right partner.

Sterling: Service. Passion. Science.

Learn more about our HPAPI offering here or click here to watch our webinar on ‘Positioning your HPAPI programme for success’.

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