Facility overview video: Cramlington, UK

17th Jan 2024

At Sterling, our expertise in contract development and manufacturing supports every stage of the molecule life cycle and maximises our customers success.

Welcome to our Cramlington site, which supports small molecule projects from grams to tons.

Let’s take a closer look at five things you should know about our Cramlington facility.

The Cramlington site delivers capabilities spanning the API life cycle on site.

With a dedicated research and development centre, pilot plant, and manufacturing facilities supporting a 1,200 to 135,000L scale, as well as an in-house engineering team to design and deliver bespoke equipment and processes, the Cramlington site can carry projects from development to commercialisation.

The site has a key focus on new technologies, specialising in areas like biocatalysis and flow chemistry. With a dedicated centre of excellence in continuous chemistry, we continue to explore new technologies based on our customers requirements and industry needs through our global Technology and Innovation Programme.

The Cramlington site delivers more than 50 years’ of expertise in hazardous chemistry, with on-site hazard evaluation to mitigate risk and a track record of success for projects involving diazomethane, fluorination, and other hazardous chemicals and techniques. We safely handle hazardous projects while protecting our people and planet.

The Cramlington site is home to a dedicated Material Science Centre, with a fully equipped analytical laboratory, solid form laboratory and write up area, along with clean rooms for milling and micronisation.

The solid state team at Cramlington empowers customers to achieve their target solid form as a standalone or integrated service offering.

Finally, the Cramlington site is committed to environmental sustainability, with ongoing efforts to minimise our environmental footprint, including a combined heat and power plant, anaerobic digestion plant, and on-site wastewater treatment. We are working towards a long-term vision of complete carbon neutrality.

Sterling’s Cramlington facility supports a broad range of project requirements from small scale to commercial production, while serving as a true scientific partner to our customers.

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