Complex chemistry at Sterling

09th Jun 2022

Increasing interest in targeted treatments, coupled with the prevalence of small molecules in treating common indications, and competition with the tens of thousands of therapeutics already on the market, has led to more biotechnology and pharmaceutical organisations developing complex molecules than ever before.

With these complex molecules comes a whole new set of challenges to navigate, like funding, hazardous chemistry, approval rates, specialised technologies, and more.

How can you successfully harness complex chemistry as you develop your innovative therapeutic?

High costs and low success rates can make complex chemistry projects especially daunting, making it vital to select a partner that prioritises quality, efficiency, and process optimisation.

And the specialised equipment and experience required can be challenging to implement internally, necessitating a partner who offers state-of-the-art facilities and a team of expert scientists.

Molecules are already complex enough, so working with an outsourced partner shouldn’t be.

At Sterling, we deliver more than 50 years of expertise in complex chemistry to support our customers in scaling their complex molecules.

With strong capabilities in technologies like high potency APIs, biocatalysis, flow chemistry, hazardous chemistry, and more, we provide our customers a uniquely integrated outsourcing experience while putting true scientific partnership first.

Complex chemistry is integral to developing groundbreaking new APIs, but successfully leveraging specialised technologies requires the right partner.

Are you ready to overcome complex project challenges with a partner that treats your molecule as its own?

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