Analytical Chemistry at Sterling

08th Oct 2021

QUALITY. Few words matter more to pharmaceutical companies and biotechs as they navigate the long and complex drug lifecycle. It’s a word that is integral to your ability to reach patients, to realise your drug’s full potential, and to accelerate your path to market, while containing costs.

The bar for quality continues to rise. Investors, regulatory bodies, and sponsors want more than confidence in quality, they want certainty.

At Sterling, we deliver analytical services spanning the pharmaceutical lifecycle to produce the highest quality products, and deliver the repeatability, excellence, and transparency you require in today’s dynamic drug development and manufacturing landscape.

In our quality control group, we support diverse testing needs for on-site manufacturing including release testing for raw materials, process intermediates, and finished APIs, as well as equipment testing, condition monitoring, stability studies, reference standard management led by a control group that never sleeps—just like your processes.

In our R&D group, we support a full range of process validation technologies on-site to ensure the quality, scalability, and efficiency of your products and processes. From chromatography to PGIs, nitrosamine assessments, and more we even have the ability to test and handle hazardous, schedule one substances.

Our analytical services are enabled by best-in-class equipment which is operated by a multidisciplinary team of more than 75 skilled analysts. Whether in quality control or analytical R&D, we uphold the highest data integrity protocols to ensure you have continuous access to records you can rely on.

Quality products and processes begin with quality partnerships. We bring together the principles of integrity, transparency, and partnership to provide our customers certainty in the quality of their products, and the value of their partner.

Are you ready to partner with an organisation that values quality like you do?

Sterling. Service. Passion. Science.

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