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29th Jun 2022

Comprehensive ADC solutions, led by a highly experienced team

With more than ten years’ dedicated experience supporting ADC discovery and development, our specialist bioconjugation team works in close collaboration with our clients to proactively overcome challenges. In addition, our team has experience working with an extensive range of antibodies, as well as other targeting molecules, and different classes of payload; selecting the right linker to compliment both payload and target.

At Sterling, our purpose-built facilities, flexible approach and specialised teams position us as an ideal partner for even the most complex ADC project requirements.

A look at our ADC capabilities

As a partnership development and manufacturing organisation (PDMO®), we aim to be so much more than a traditional contract development and manufacturing organisation(CDMO). We are committed to working with you closely to develop efficient processes, maximise effectiveness and ensure scalable and repeatable results, together.

Our team delivers the expertise, equipment and capabilities needed to deliver a customised service for your early stage ADC development.

Our expertise in biochemistry, bioassays, microbiology, and analytical testing, mean we can support a range of projects’ ADC analysis.

To support our bioconjugation service, we offer linker and payload synthesis at our North Carolina facility and high potency facility in Wisconsin, US. We can support your project through early preclinical to GMP clinical and commercial manufacture; developing processes and full analytical testing and characterisation methods.

We provide the data which empowers our customers to develop cutting edge biotherapeutics and APIs, offering this analysis as an integrated or stand-alone service.

We provide preclinical and clinical GMP manufacturing services from our dedicated ADC facility in Deeside, Wales, to provide enhanced continuity and later stage solutions for our customers’ ADC projects.

What will a partnership with Sterling bring to your ADC project?

Having supported more than 60 clients, Sterling understands the importance of partnership and the critical role full transparency plays in supporting your ADC project through discovery and development.

– Independently qualified glove box isolators,<2ng/m3
– AKTA chromatography systems
– Multiple vendor TFF systems with data logging
– Scalable reaction systems
– Agilent HPLCs with DAD and chilled autosamplers
– Sciex x500B QTOF mass spectrometer
– ProteinSimple Maurice for cIEF and CE-SDS
– UV/Vis spectrophotometry
– Multimodal plate readers for colorimetric and fluorescence assays

Our facility

Our dedicated bioconjugation facility is located in Deeside, Wales, UK.

Our team moved into the 6,500m2 facility in 2018, which is built for containment and designed specifically to accommodate highly potent bioconjugates; with the safety of our people and the environment in mind.

The facility is specially designed to handle cytotoxic materials, this combined with our extensive background in protein conjugate development, provides us with the capacity and capability required for even the most complex ADC analytical requirements.

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Stewart Mitchell

Deeside, Wales, UK