We are more than a CDMO.  We are a PDMO (partnership development and manufacturing organisation).

At Sterling, we are more than a traditional contract development and manufacturing organisation (CDMO). We are a partnership development and manufacturing organisation (PDMO). We understand that with small molecules, come big decisions and we are committed to working with our customers as a true scientific partner to ensure we take products through from concept to commercialisation, together.

What is a partnership development and manufacturing organisation?

Three key things di­fferentiate a PDMO from a standard CDMO: Service, Passion, and Science. These characteristics define a partnership that is uniquely responsive to your needs, committed to your product, and capable of adding real scientific value.

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Service, Passion, Science: what does this mean to Sterling?

Service: Easy to do business with

As a PDMO, Sterling delivers comprehensive small molecule services spanning pre-clinical development to full commercial manufacturing.

Set apart by our collaborative customer experience, our passionate team, and our commitment to scientific excellence and innovation, we serve as trusted partners to our customers as they bring transformative molecules to market.

Transparent communication is key, and to achieve this Sterling :

  • Designates a team member that is 100% focused on ensuring the success of your project.
  • Provides direct access to its scientific team.
  • Defines a clear project management methodology, including how you’ll overcome challenges, together.

Sterling’s service offering is distinctive in the way it approaches each project. Sterling prides itself on being easy to do business with and doing the right thing.

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Passion: For your products

We are eager to continuously learn and innovate because we are passionate about what we do. That’s why we developed our Technology and Innovation Programme. Through this programme, we partner with leading academic and technological institutions in order to explore, develop, and apply emerging technologies that maximise customer value. It supports our work in chiral chemistry, flow chemistry, biocatalysis, and more. At Sterling we:

  • Put your products first, treating them as our own.
  • Have a strong organisational culture, with highly committed team members.
  • Prove our commitment to doing the right thing as demonstrated through our safety, sustainability, and compliance record.

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Science: At the core of everything we do

The demand for complex chemistries and new technologies in small molecule pharmaceutical development is growing. This has resulted in small biotechs through to large pharmaceutical companies requiring a partner that is able to handle a wide range of scales and chemical transformations. As a result, these organisations are outsourcing more services than ever before.

Our industry-leading hazardous chemistry capabilities,  proven approach to hazard evaluation, and world-class development and manufacturing facilities mean Sterling can safely take on a wide range of complex projects and confidently see them through.

Sterling is committed to:

  • Delivering comprehensive capabilities to support your programme from grams to tonnes.
  • Continually driving progress, embracing new partnerships and technologies.
  • Ensuring our team are highly experienced and have access to continuous development opportunities

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Discover the value of a true scientific partner with Sterling.