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We handle the most difficult API challenges for customers across the globe from our facilities in the UK and US.

Dudley, Northumberland, UK

We provide an agile and fully compliant API manufacturing service from our UK manufacturing facility. Paired with our dedicated development centre and pilot plant, we can support your innovative API development and the scale-up of your projects from clinical to commercial production.

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Deeside, Wales, UK

We deliver specialist antibody drug conjugate (ADC) development services from our Deeside, Wales facility. We are fully equipped to support research and development, including the specific containment requirements for handling potent cytotoxins.

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Cary, North Carolina, US

We deliver expert chemistry solutions for pre-clinical and early phase clinical supply from our facility in Cary, North Carolina. We can cater for volumes from millilitres up to 200-litre batches, ideal for high value, low volume APIs.

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Germantown, Wisconsin, US

We possess all the requirements to provide API clinical and commercial manufacturing services, including high-potency API manufacturing from our facility in Germantown, Wisconsin. Our facility has a wide range of technologies including plant scale hydrogenation and cryogenics.

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We have integrated biological treatment plants within our UK manufacturing facilities to provide a seamless system for the safe, continuous treatment of process waste waters.

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