Aminoindanol Reduction:

Sterling have industrialised a proprietary aminoindanol chiral reduction technology and routinely operate this on > 300Kg scale.

Key Features:

  • Low catalyst loading

  • Typical e.e. > 95-99%

  • Isolated yield typically > 85%
  • Chiral Hydrogenation:

    Sterling additionally have scale up expertise with a range of chiral hydrogenation catalysts and have both small scale flow hydrogenation and large scale hydrogenation capacity.

    Key Features:

  • Sterling has broad expertise in chiral hydrogenation catalysts at development scale

  • Sterling have production scale experience of chiral hydrogenation (using catalysts such as Ru BINAP)

  • Sterling have made significant investments in enhancing hydrogenation capacities at varying scales (from 10lt to 2.2m3)
  • Aminoindanol catalyst
    BH3-THF, toluene