Development & Manufacturing Services

Development & Manufacturing Services

Sterling has over 40 years experience providing custom development and manufacturing services to the global pharmaceutical industry offering state-of-the-art facilities, proprietary technologies and highly experienced people, we have a proven track record in the supply of chemistry and analytical services across the entire product lifecycle, from grams to tonnes, from pre-clinical to supply and manufacturing.

Our integrated service offering provides a unique approach to drug substance development and industrialisation. Utilising our dedicated Project Management structure to bring together HSE, Quality, Production and Engineering expertise, along with our highly skilled team of scientists, Sterling can offer right-first-time process development to deliver efficient, innovative processes that are scalable, environmentally sustainable and cost effective from the outset.

We Differentiate Through Our People

At Sterling we believe that we differentiate through our people and the way we do business and have the skills, competence and passion to ensure success. Why not take advantage of our expertise, experience and passion, and let us help you accelerate your product to market?

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