Analytical Services

Analytical Equipment includes:

  • Agilent HP5975 GC-MS Agilent 6130 LC-MS

  • Jeol Eclipse 400MHz NMR with multinuclear probe Philips X-Ray Diffraction Spectrometer Model PW3040 Thermo Ultimate 3000 UPLC

  • 2 x Agilent HP1290 UPLC

  • 18 x Agilent HP6890 Gas Chromatographs (3 with headspace analyser) 8 x Agilent HP7890 Gas Chromatographs (4 with headspace analyser)

  • 35 x Agilent HP1100/1200/1260 Liquid Chromatographs (6 diode array, 2 RI, 1 CAD) Dionex DX600 Ion Chromatograph

  • Mettler Toledo Potentiometric Autotitrators / Volumetric KF Mitsubishi CA-100 Coulometric Moisture Meters

  • 1 x Agilent 7800 ICP-MS

  • 1 x Milestone Ethos up microwave digestion system

  • Jasco and Polaar Polarimeter Perkin Elmer FT-IR

  • UV Spectrophotometers (Shimadzu & Perkin Elmer) 2 x Microbalances

  • 7 x Analytical Balances 6 x Top Pan Balances

  • Sympatec Particle Size Analyser Horiba Particle Size Analyser Malvern Mastersizer APA2000

  • Mettler Toledo Thermo Gravimetric Analyser 2 x Distek Semi automatic dissolution rigs Distek Tablet Hardness Tester

  • Distek friability equipment Distek Dissintegration apparatus

  • Analytical Services

    Sterling has extensive and well respected analytical capabilities which include:

  • Common analytical platforms across the site, facilitate Technology Transfer between internal and external customers

  • Analytical Method Development, Qualification and Validation
  • Structural Elucidation using a range of advanced techniques including Absolute configuration, Polymorphism, Particle size analysis Solubility determination, Specification development and justification
  • Impurity marker and reference standard preparation, qualification, management and distribution
  • Stability and Forced Degradation studies
  • Routine Support for Development and Manufacturing activities:
  • cGMP analysis of raw materials, in-process samples, intermediates, and finished products
  • Analytical support for investigations